Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Its been a year...

And I can honestly say nothing's the same.
I went through what is possibly the happiest year of my life, be jealous;)
The funny thing is, I spent a lot of it crying.
Crying from laughter and crying because I graduated high school.
I feel like I've grown up a lot.
University of Oklahoma is where its at!
Sometimes I feel like I should have joined a sorority because I need friends!
But then I remind myself that it took me a while to find my niche, but I have real best friends now.
I'm still not a hundred percent confident and trust I'm not always happy.
But I can promise you, I'm getting there.
Today I wanted to start writing 100 things about me. I'll shoot for 25 right now.

1. Hot pink is like THE color I need to live. Real talk.
2. I am average height. I really don't want to grow. I like that some people can see over my head.
3. I am smiling a lot:))
4. I am extra clumsy. I have bumps, bruises and cuts from all kinds of stuff.
5. I refuse to wear heels, mostly because I don't have the grace for them. Being barefoot is where its at!
6. That being said, I have a shoe fetish. they just make outfits!
7. My best friend is Josh. We have an unhealthy attachment to each other.
8. If you see me texting I'm probably having a really stupid conversation with him.
9. Now that I'm in college, I call my mom around ten times a day. That lady's kind of my world:)
10. I really want a boyfriend. Silly, but true.
11. I'm focused on school, but I could focus even more.
12. I'm a perfectionist with my grades.
13. I'm so messy, I wish I could be as clean as my roomie. But then that wouldn't really be me.
14. I've been spending a lot of time alone with my thoughts lately. I'm hoping to be a better me.
15. I wish I was skinnier, but I can't complain because I'm not working out enough.
16. I'm almost a party girl. Almost because partying interferes with sleep time.
17. Sleep is number one in my life.
18. I will listen to any music, lately its been a lot of country.
19. Music is a super obsession. If its silent, I'm really unhappy.
20. I don't trust if I hear that I'm beautiful.
21. I'm constantly wanting to solve other people's problems. I want everyone as happy as I am.
22. My friends are an odd mix of people, but they are who I love.
23. My sisters are Monica, Alisha and Maddie. Not blood, but they should have been.
24. I am oddly insecure about whether or not I'm annoying my friends. While they're high up on my list, I am very sure that I am at the bottom of their's.
25. I dyed my hair red close to a month ago. It looks BA if I say so myself.

26-50 next time!

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